artists we met in San Francisco.

Here are some of the great artist we met in San Francisco: We visited 3Fish Studio wich is a little bit outside but still in the city. It is good to visit, when you‘re on the way to Ocean Beach. The studio is amazing and huge. (I am a little jealous about the enormous space). Eric and Annie were so nice, showing us around, we could even visit the garden. Thankyou so much.

Then we met Shannon May. We went out at »night« (from 6 PM to 9 PM) and met her at a bar while her boyfriend was DJing. She works as an Illustrator for publishing houses and does amazing editorial illustrations for the San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times.

Lisa Brown is an illustrator says her business card. And she is a really good one and also a cartoonist. She was so kind to meet us for coffee at La Boulange de Cole and we had a intersting conversation how to survive as an illustrator here and there.

We met Yina Kim twice. She showed us her lovely working space and her wonderfull illustrations and took us to the Mary Blair exhibition. The other day she showed up with blue hair and we went to Oakland to go to a tiny gallery. Thank you so much for driving us around.

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